Melton South Driving School based in Melton can help you with all your overseas licence conversion and changeover.

There are some requirements that needs to be satisfied in order to change your overseas driver licence to a Victorian driver`s licence. This also depends on whether your stay in Victoria is temporary or permanent.

If you`re planning on staying in Victoria and want to drive then you are required to change your overseas licence to a Victorian driver licence.

This procedures are explained here in more detail at VicRoads Overseas Licence Information Website. We have summarised here some of the important areas that are required for your overseas licence changeover.

To obtain Victorian driver licence (full or probationary) you need to have passed the following test:

  • Pass a learner permit test
  • Pass a hazard perception test
  • Pass an eye site test
  • Pass a practical driving test
If you hold a driver licence from a recognised countries list then you are able to get your overseas licence conversion with no test provided you overseas licence is current and has not expired. Furthermore, you still need to make an appointment with VicRoads to changeover your licence if you are from the overseas recognised countries. In case the country that issue your licence is not in this list, to get your overseas licence converted to a Victorian licence you will have to go through the following process.
Then good news is that the whole process of getting your overseas licence converted over to a Victorian licence can be completed in one business day. First book your learner permit and hazard test via VicRoads Bookings website. Every person should know the local driving road rules and have a good control of their vehicles. When you call Twinkle driving School one of our driving instructor will be able to advise you of what to expect during the whole process. Please mention that you have an overseas drivers licence and wish assistance in getting you licence converted.

You need a valid Australian learner`s permit or another valid driver`s licence, your log book and you must be prepared to have fun.

Yes. Just state your preferences when booking a lesson or making an enquiry and we`ll gladly accommodate you (if we can). Languages spoken are English, Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu. Driving Instructor also understand bit of Punjabi and Marathi.